BINFXO BANK Account Management Pattern

in order to open investment relation with us you need to open FX trading account with one of our recommended brokers and our rules:

we don’t accept any investment account less than 5000$

any investment account less than 10000 $ will be mange via our main multi fund wallet which consists of small investments less than 10000$ and appears as one trading account for safety trading purpose

our managed account service should be at least 12 months starting at first day of first initial deposit

any withdrawal of initial deposit should be approved by BINFXO BANK and if we have any open order on trading account we may delay this withdrawal request or you may carry any losing due that

our annually target not less than 25% in case we traded in volatility market (in rare cases like war, Covid 19 , US election , ex… )

otherwise we usually making about 50-70% income every year

you can withdraw your profit every 90 days with no hassle according to our trading period

if you did not withdraw your profit at the end of specific trading period, we may use it for coming periods unless you asked to hold this amount


Second: how to open guide

Now we told you everything about our Account Management Pattern , now all you need to do is :

We only accept accounts with our recommended brokers so it may be better to let us open new trading account with one of our well-regulated brokers

So we need some information as follow:

Full name



Copy of you ID

Prof of address

Your email

Phone number in international format

Amount to invest

send it back to email

and we will contact you shortly with suitable broker choice for you to decide

once you decided we will open you new account

now you can download our BINFXO BANK FX Agreement ( BINFXO BANK FX Agreement 2021-2022 )

Fill it with all data needed

And send it back to email